Welcome to Williamsburg’s Largest Shopping Area

The Graham Avenue Business Improvement District, on Graham Avenue (the Avenue of Puerto Rico) from Broadway to Boerum St. including Moore St., Flushing Avenue, Debevoise St. and all the main streets side streets, is the largest, uniquely affordable, and growing shopping area in Williamsburg. The Graham Avenue BID supports retail growth by encouraging new stores and Welcomerestaurants to locate here and expand its customer base  from the surrounding communities.  The BID strives to have the existing and new businesses understand and meet the needs of the BID’s current and changing shopper base. It also works to preserve and share its rich Latino culture with the rest of the city through its celebrated music, art and cuisine.

The BID website is updated to provide valuable information to a technically challenged area. It supports a free wifi retail environ, a virtual signage concept, holiday banners, enhanced lighting, community murals, development of its farmers market on Cook Street providing youth employment, a global planting project introduced by the BID through the Growing Connection at PS 257…created by the United Nations and supported by the Cornell Extension, retail marketing and advertising strategies, graffiti removal, power washing of the streets, security cameras, increased safety through discussion with our local Precinct, on-going 7 days-a-week sanitation program… read more